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Rockola Sybaris 474 Jukebox Gas Springs / Shocks / Lifts / Struts

I bought a Rockola 474 and the Gas Springs / Lift / were too weak to hold the top up.
The part number that was on my gas shock was 0111-F0081. I could not find anything on the Web for this Lift / Gas shock.

I measured the lft opening and closing lengths

Compressed Length:  11.69"

Extended Length:  19.71"

Looking for a lift with my specs I found capital and searched for Lfit Support - This generated a list of parts with similar specifications to my lifts. I chose BK-819-52-08 as a suitable replacement (2012)

A search Google for BK-819-52-08 was no help.
I changed my Web search criteria to "BK8195208".

This brought me to NAPA  and part number BK 8195208. These were too expensive.

I arrived at the Lift Support Depot Website and searched for my Balkamp number (8195208) which showed the Strong Arm 4442 would work.

I searched RockAuto for part number 4442 and found the Strong Arm SR4442 for $8.00 each (x2)(2012) from

Juke Box Title Strip Template for Star Title Strips

Download File Here (It is stored on Google, so save it to your computer and open with MS Word)
Make sure the top Margin is at .5" 

What do I need to convert my game to run a JAMMA Multi Game?

Note: Not all games should be converted, but many are based on practicality. If you have a machine in very good condition, but the PCB, video or power are not working you may consider sending off the item for repair. Many collectors are disgusted by machines that are converted.

Must have:
- JAMMA Game Board
- Power Supply (With +5 volts and +12 volts) Many multi-boards require the +12v
- Video Display (CRT or LCD) (LCD is safer)
- JAMMA Wiring Harness
- Joystick(s)
- Push Button
- Miscroswitches

Additional Helpful Items

- Shrink Wrap
- Zip Ties
- Wire Hold Downs and Screws
- Quick Connect Terminals and Crimper
- Soldering Iron and Solder (For splicing wires permanently)
- Casters or Furniture Dolly to move the Game easily

There is no one size fits all conversion plan, but the above listed items will make it go easier

Dixie Narco BNCB 168/99-6

Issue: Cooling compressor kicks on for a few seconds and then back off.

From the rear of the machine I removed plastic protective cap from compressor electrical connections to verify all were making contact. Immediately saw arcing and smelled electrical burn from the start relay.

Removed cooling unit to assess part.
The start relay was beyond repair, all wires were burnt and the case for the relay was disentegrating.

Ordered 1 Supco RCO410 Start Kit from Amazon ($12.25 in 2017)
Replaced part and tested the compressor, the unit operated and cooled as it should.
Sealed bottom try of cooling compartment with flex seal waterproofer and reinstalled the cooling unit (Using new stainless steel screws) in the cooling compartment.

Total Repair Cost: $33.18
Start Kit $12.25
Flex Seal $13.48
Stainless Steel Screws $7.45

Issue: Main door flourescent light issue

Both bulbs in the door were not working
- Replaced Bulbs and Starters and the left side light wroked, the right side did not
- Inspected wiring - no issues
- Wired working transformer from left side the right side fixture and the light worked.

Replaced the non-working ballast with a compatible ballast from a Sega Frogger arcade machine.
- This fixed the issue and made both lights are operational